Face painting tutorial: How to turn your kid into unicorn

Rainbow stripes, glitter—this look is magical.

You’ll need: Aqua eyeliner; aqua eye shadow; red, white, aqua, green, yellow and blue face paint; paint brushes; glitter primer; cotton swab; face glitter; rhinestone stickers; pink lipstick; crystals.

1. Since unicorns are mystical creatures, you can use whatever colours your little beast would like. Using an eyeliner in that colour palette, sketch out a butterfly shape around the eyes. Start by drawing a big U on the forehead and then draw curvy lines down each side. If you do a little bit on one side and then the other, it’s easier to create a symmetrical shape. Draw a diamond in the centre of the forehead.

2. Apply eye shadow all over the eye sockets and the area directly below the eye. (With little kids, it’s easier to use eye shadow than face paint. Plus, there will be less irritation if they rub their eyes.) Using a paint brush and face paint, add stripes in various rainbow hues. We started with red and added white, blending to create a pink stripe, then added aqua, green and yellow.

3. To create a magic power diamond, fill in the shape on the forehead with glitter primer (lip gloss also works well). Then, making sure the child closes her eyes, apply face glitter with a cotton swab. (Be sure to use cosmetic glitter).

4. For extra sparkle, add crystal stickers (you can find these at the dollar store) on the bridge of the nose.

5. Outline your butterfly shape using a fine brush and a strong colour of face paint (like cobalt or black). For extra bling, add large sparkles and crystal stickers to the peaks of the butterfly shape.


6. Apply pink lipstick.

7. Clip in hair extensions (available at beauty supply stores), and cover with a small section of the kid’s hair. Now your little unicorn is ready to chase some rainbows!

This article was originally published on Sep 15, 2016

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