Face painting tutorial: How to turn your kid into a fluffy pink bunny

The fluffy, whiskery look is easier than you think!

You’ll need: Pink lip liner; pink, white, grey and black face paint; grey eye shadow; paint brushes; brown eyeliner

1. The bunny’s face is an easy shape to draw freehand. But it’s even easier if you map it out with a series of dots that you can connect.

2. Start with the eye area: add a dot in the inner corner of each eye. Add a dot above the peak of each eyebrow. Then follow the outer corner of the eye and place a dot where the eyebrow ends.

3. Then, go from the bridge of the nose to out under the arch of the eyebrow and add a dot. Repeat on the other side. Next, follow the line of the lips out so that it lines up with the outer corner of the eye and add a dot. Draw a line from the side of the nostril down to the side of the mouth.

4. Using the dots as your outline, fill in the shape with pink face paint. (If you don’t want to use paint around the eye area, blush works well.) Let dry for a minute or two.

5. With a smaller brush, add some wispy white lines around the pink area. Follow the shape of the eyebrows and cheeks, blending the colours as you go.


6. Draw a heart shape on the tip of the nose.

7. Add a few brushstrokes of grey face paint to the white areas to give the fur some dimension.

8. For the whiskers, draw a few lines out from the nose using a fine paint brush and black face paint. To create the bunny’s mouth, draw a line straight down from the base of the nose, and then two lines that angle down from the nose to the lips. Add a few dots under the nose.

9. To give your rabbit some teeth, use a square tip brush (you can find these at art supply stores) and paint on a white square under the mouth. Once dry, outline the square with black and draw a line down the centre. (If you make a mistake, you can fix with a cotton swab.)

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