Easter egg hunts with a twist

Make this year's Easter egg hunt an adventure to remember with these creative spins on the traditional search.

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Easter egg hunts with a twist

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Easter egg hunts with a twist

Egg hunt for coupons

Instead of putting candy inside the eggs, treat your kids to come coupons…even a getaway from chores! Get some printable coupon pages at

Easter egg with coupons in it.Photo: U Create Blog

Smartphone egg hunt

Are your older kids glued to their smartphones? This egg hunt is the perfect way to get them to use their phones in a more interactive and fun way. Get more information on

Easter eggs and barcodesPhoto: Holly Cressall

Let it glow

Stashing a glowstick in plastic eggs creates an easy and exciting adventure for little hunters. Have kids redeem their eggs for prizes or candy. Get more information:

Easter egg hunts with a twistPhoto: Party Delights via Pinterest

Make learning fun

Check out these free printables that will help little ones identify and trace the alphabet. Hide 26 eggs with a different letter written on each, and have kids find and identify them on the chart. Reward them with goodies! Get more information:

Printable easter egg hunt gamePhoto: Totschooling via Pinterest

Reward system

Rather than hiding candies, fill plastic eggs with paper containing a certain value. Take a cue from arcade tickets and have kids redeem their findings for a prize of their choice. Get more information:

Photos of a printable points system and rewards such as bubbles and candyPhoto: Life As A Mom via Pinterest

Under the sea hunt

Keep little hands busy with an easy bath-time sensory hunt. Get more information:

Kids hand reaching for an egg in a bathtub full of easter grassPhoto: Growing A Jeweled Rose via Pinterest

Fitness treasure hunt

Turn the hunt into a fun-filled physical activity by using clues that involve completing small exercises before moving on. Exercise has never been this fun…or this delicious! Get more information:

Bowl of plastic easter eggs with a clue that says Photo: Super Healthy Kids via Pinterest

Egg poppers

Perfect for older kids, hide candies and trinkets in oversized plastic eggs, wrap with tissue and set up a pull-and-pop adventure. Get the instructions:

Two kids play with easter egg poppers hanging from a treePhoto: Studio DIY! via Pinterest

Scavenger hunt

Write out fun clues to lead the way to the Easter bounty. Get more information:

Easter eggs on top of a piece of paper with scavenger hunt clues on itPhoto: Storypiece via Pinterest

Jigsaw puzzle hunt

Turn the focus from candy to cleverness and co-operation with this Easter egg puzzle game. Write a riddle that will lead your kids to their Easter present. Then sit back and let your kids have fun putting the puzzle together and figuring the riddle out. Get the instructions:

Three pictures depicting a jigsaw puzzle to put into easter eggs that form a clue to finding kids' easter basketsPhoto: All Kids Network via Pinterest

Lego hunt

If you have a master builder, hide Lego pieces and minifigures so they can build an epic Easter creation. Get more information:

Plastic eggs filled with lego pieces laying in the grassPhoto: Frugal Fun 4 Boys via Pinterest

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This article was originally published on Mar 29, 2021