DVD release: Disney's The Secret of the Wings

Carly attended the New York premiere last week and reviews the latest Tinker Bell adventure from Disney!

By Carly Deziel
DVD release: Disney's The Secret of the Wings

Photo courtesy of Walt Disney Studios Canada.

Are you ready to find out the secret behind the wings? In this new fairy adventure, the beloved Tinker Bell ventures into a forbidden world, where she's never been before. And trust me, the little girls out there, will be amazed at what she finds. Get ready for one of Disney's most magical tales with The Secret of the Wings.
The premise
Tinker Bell and her friends, the warm-season fairies, live and play in the world known as Pixie Hollow. However, just across the border from their haven is the freezing, snow-covered world of the Winter Woods. In this entertaining adventure, Tinker Bell's curiosity can not be controlled. When she manages to step into this forbidden land, a surprising thing happens — her wings begin to sparkle and glow. Soon, Tinker Bell finds herself exploring a new world and discovering another fairy whose wings also sparkle and glow when they are together — and this new frost fairy will change Tinker Bell's world forever. 
What we loved
There are many things to love in this new adventure. The character of Tinker Bell (voiced by Parenthood's Mae Whitman) never disappoints with her witty attitude and playful spirit. But my personal favourite part of this new tale, is the heartbreaking story behind Pixie Hollow's Queen Clarion (voiced by Anjelica Huston) and Winter Wood's leader, Lord Milori (Timothy Dalton) — but don't worry, it has a happy ending!
Parental advisory
This is not your traditional "Disney formula" film. We are not entering a world in which parents have been lost and dark, scary villains are waiting in the wings. The great thing about this movie, and what really stands out, is that there is no real villain. What's challenging to these fairies in this story is nature — to be exact, snow and having too much of it. At about 92 minutes, if you can convince even the little guys in the house to give it try, I'm guessing it won't leave anyone disappointed.
Canadian rating

G — General Audience (Appropriate for all ages)

Check back tomorrow for Carly Deziel's gallery of interviews with some of the stars of the movie, including Timothy Dalton!

This article was originally published on Oct 23, 2012

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