6 DIY valentines that are almost as easy as store-bought

These DIY valentines don't require glue, glitter or candy. And your kids can basically make them on their own. So what are you waiting for? #minimaleffort

6 DIY valentines that are almost as easy as store-bought

Valentine’s Day crafts for slackers

I liked you “write” away

You’ll need: Coloured pencils (we found ours at the dollar store), coloured masking tape, a felt tip pen. How-to: Cut a piece of tape, wrap it around the pencil and back on to itself. Notch the end to form a flag shape. Get kids to write a cute phrase and sign their name. If you need to make these for a big class, print out your flags, cut into strips and attach with a glue stick.

Pencils with flags that say Photo: Scott Simpson

Thumbs up for being awesome

You’ll need: A non-toxic washable ink pad, a marker (washable is fine), parcel tags, baker’s twine or string. How-to: Using your kid’s thumb, stamp two thumbprints to form a heart and draw a smiley face. Write out a cute saying and finish off with a bit of baker’s twine.

Gift tags with thumbprints in the shape of a heart that say Photo: Scott Simpson


You are “cereal-sly” cool

You’ll need: Empty cereal boxes (yay for recycling!), a marker, stickers and yarn. How-to: Cut cereal boxes into small rectangles. Write your awesome cereal pun on the back. These have a pop art feel, but kids may not get the reference so let them decorate with stickers and yarn. That’s it!

Cereal box cut up into squares with 'You are Photo: Scott Simpson

Heartfelt wristbands

You’ll need: Ribbon hair ties (look for them at the dollar store), scissors, craft felt. How-to: Cut two-to three-inch hearts or stars out of craft felt. Fold in half horizontally and make two snips big enough for the hair tie. Untie the hair tie and thread it through the felt, re-knotting the end. Hooray for no hand-writing!

Hands with bracelets that have hearts and stars on themPhoto: Scott Simpson

You blow me away

You’ll need: A pack of balloons, a chubby paint marker (we really like this one), a bulldog clip or clothes pin. How-to: Partially blow up a balloon and clip the end to create a larger writing surface. Using the paint marker, write a cute note then let the air out. The results look like a store-bought ballon, making this hack our new favourite party trick.

Balloon with Photo: Scott Simpson


I’m stuck on you

You’ll need: Box of bandages with paper wrappers and a pen. How-to: Write your message on the outside. So easy and what kid doesn’t love a bandage?

Patterned bandaids with Photo: Scott Simpson

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This article was originally published on Feb 03, 2018

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