DIY Lemon Coconut Sugar Scrub

Make this DIY body scrub today!

By Today's Parent staff
DIY Lemon Coconut Sugar Scrub

Photo: Daniel Harrison

All you need are four pantry ingredients to create this gorgeous-smelling body scrub.

Lemon Coconut Sugar Scrub

Makes a little over 8 ounces

Materials: - 1 cup of granulated sugar or salt (or a mix) - ¼ cup coconut oil - ¼ cup olive oil - Lemon essential oil (or lemon extract in a pinch)

Directions: 1. Mix the essential oils, including the essential oil or extract. Add it to the sugar. 2. Blend the sugar and oil with a rubber spatula until all of the oil is evenly incorporated.

This article was originally published on Apr 12, 2013

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