DIY holiday decor

Grab the kids and try these fun and easy ways to add some of that holiday magic to your home.

By Kate Stewart
DIY holiday decor

DIY holiday decor

DIY holiday decor ideas

It's that time of year again!

So get the whole family together to spruce up the house with these fun (and easy!) twists on holiday decor. And while you're at it, check out our holiday countdown calendar.

DIY holiday decorPhoto: Mediaphotos/iStockphoto

Deck the trees

Instead of hanging lights, use oversized ornaments to add colour and texture to the bare branches of shrubs and small trees.

Shine coloured or clear spotlights on the ornaments to make them glisten at night.

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Spruce it up

When you're picking out your tree, ask the vendor or farmer if they have any fallen tree branches. Bring them home and use them in an outdoor planter to create a welcoming decoration at your door.

Add some painted branches, ornaments and pine cones for an added festive look (here's a step-by-step winter urn tutorial from 5th and State).

DIY holiday decorPhoto: 5th and State

Topped with a bow

Wrap up six boxes of various sizes with wrapping paper and bows. Stack three on top of each other, and place on top of two planters. Place on either side of your doorway. Try to keep covered to protect from the elements.

DIY holiday decorPhoto: artpipi/iStockphoto

Shine some light

Who says only the front yard can get dressed up? Bring the joy into the backyard, too, with planters wrapped in white fairy lights (or kid-pleasing coloured ones).

Fill the basket with extra pine branches and ornaments to add more colour.

DIY holiday decorPhoto: Moncherie/iStockphoto


Jingle balls

Use some ribbon to string together a cluster of pretty baubles. Attach it to the bottom of a light fixture shiny chandelier.

DIY holiday decorPhoto: Panuzz/iStockphoto

Get the hang of it

Take that wreath to the basement. Instead, use coloured ribbons to hang pine cones, ornaments or candy canes on the door.

Simply tie one end of the ribbon around your decor of choice, and then tape or nail the other end to the top of the door. Play with ribbon lengths to make a more interesting arrangement (get more holiday pinecone crafts from Bebehblog).

DIY holiday decorPhoto: Bebehblog

Let it snow

Ramp up your snowflakes this season. Cut out your flakes using traditional paper (get instructions here) or twist together white pipe cleaners into a snowflake shape (get instructions here).

DIY holiday decorPhoto: Jodi Pudge


Sugar high

Make sugar or gingerbread cookies and royal icing using your favourite recipes. Fill empty squeeze bottles from the dollar store with icing dyed different colours. Let the kids decorate the cookies, and display on a decorative plate for company. Add some crystal sprinkles for younger kids.

DIY holiday decorPhoto: StudioBarcelona/


Make a scent bar of different holiday staples, like cranberries, cinnamon sticks, orange slices, cloves and evergreen sprigs. Let kids add their favourite mixture to jars or vases, then fill with water and add a couple of floating candles. Looks pretty and smells great!

DIY holiday decorPhoto: malerapaso/

Picasso's Christmas

Buy some plain wooden ornaments for your local craft store. Let kids decorate with paint, glitter, gems and ribbon. Let dry and hang on tree. Don't forget to add their names and the year on the back or bottom.

DIY holiday decorPhoto: Raffalo/


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DIY holiday decor
This article was originally published on Nov 22, 2012

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