Cute Valentine's Day charm bracelet craft

Get your kids to make these fun baubles for their friends this Valentine's Day

By Heather Camlot
Cute Valentine's Day charm bracelet craft

Really, who doesn’t sit fascinated in front of the toaster oven as Shrinky Dinks curl and unfold? Take your designs to the next level by turning them into charm bracelets for Valentine’s Day. A simple craft that everyone in the family will enjoy — and want front-row seats for.

What you’ll need:
Regular or inkjet shrink film (available at craft supply stores)
Hole puncher
Markers or coloured pencils
Colour cord

  1. Open our Valentine’s Day charm template, which has two sizes of each charm.
  2. Print the template onto regular white paper or onto inkjet shrink film at exact size.
  3. If you printed onto white paper, trace the design(s) you want onto regular shrink film.
  4. Colour in the design(s) with either markers or coloured pencils, as directed by your shrink film product. Keep in mind that colours will deepen when the film shrinks.
  5. Cut the rock charm along the guitar pick’s shape. Cut the other charm slightly away from the black outline, leaving white space around the butterfly.
  6. Punch two holes in each charm.  
  7. Follow your shrink film’s instructions for baking.
  8. When the charm has cooled, string three pieces of cord through the charms’ holes and braid.
  9. Tied the ends in a knot to close.

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This article was originally published on Jan 23, 2012

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