5 Christmas trees kids will love

Round up your little elves and start trimming the tree with these kid-friendly ideas.

5 Christmas trees kids will love

5 Christmas trees kids will love

No broken ornaments here

If you have young kids, you need to ditch the glass ornaments. Colourful plastic balls are perfect for clumsy little decorators who want to help out. If you want to get crafty, have the kids make salt dough ornaments (recipe here) in different shapes. Once dry, cover them in chalboard paint. Now the kids can add new chalk designs every year.

Little Christmas tree decorated with neon colours and graphic patternsPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Decked with dinos

Cut a piece of your kid’s artwork into a star so it can be the shining glory on top of the tree. Buy some of your kid’s favourite figurines (dinos, hockey players, unicorns) from the dollar store and paint them in bright colours to add a neon touch to your decor. Finally, put those broken crayons to good use by melting them inside a glass ball ornament with a hair dryer.

Christmas tree decorated with dinosaursPhoto: Roberto Caruso



Stash some treats in baby mittens and string them across the branches with clothespins. The kids will love searching for goodies as they countdown to Santa’s big day.

Rustic Christmas tree decorated with pieces of wood, forest critters and tartansPhoto: Roberto Caruso

Vintage memories

Celebrate past and present loved ones with this #TBT tree. Have your little elves pick their favourite family photos and then put them between the branches. Kids can also make their own unique garlands with that old collection of misplaced buttons you’ve got lying around.

Christmas tree decorated with vintage jewellery, lace and pearls.Photo: Roberto Caruso

Modern glamour

Who says modern glamour can’t be kid-friendly? These glittery gold baubles double as a festive craft for the kids. Just remember to use plastic balls! 

Get the instructions here: Glitter-ball ornament

White Christmas tree decorated with gold baubles and crystalsPhoto: Roberto Caruso

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