Celebrity kids: Activities they love (cute!)

Ballet babies! Karate Kids! See what some of our favourite celebrity kids are learning to do.

By Haley Overland
Celebrity kids: Activities they love (cute!)

Celebrity kids: Activities they love (cute!)

Charlotte Prinze: Ballet

Pregnant Sarah Michelle Gellar takes her daughter, Charlotte Prinze, 3, to ballet class. How precious is that leopard-print tutu?

Indeed, Charlotte does love the leopard print.

Celebrity kids: Activities they love (cute!)Photo: Stoianov/FameFlynet

Suri Cruise: Gymnastics

Little Suri Cruise, 6.5, loves her gymnastics class in New York City's Chelsea Piers — so much so that it appears mom Katie Holmes conveniently rented their new post-split apartment right near the gymnastics studio. They're are often spotted walking to and from the class.

When he's in town, Suri's dad, Tom Cruise, takes her to gymnastics.

Celebrity kids: Activities they love (cute!)Photo: Brian Flannery/FameFlynet Pictures


Elula Cohen: Ballet

Actress Isla Fisher's 2-year-old daughter, Elula Cohen, takes ballet classes already! Her older sister, Olive, 4.5, does too.

Here they all are going to class together (sweet!).

Celebrity kids: Activities they love (cute!)Photo: CPR/FameFlynet

Cruz, Romeo and Brooklyn Beckham: Soccer (of course!)

Surprise, surprise! The Beckham boys — Brooklyn, 13, Romeo, 9, and Cruz, 7 — play soccer just like their dad.

Mom Victoria Beckham goes to the games all the time. She's even been known to walk around the soccer field in 5-inch stilettos while pregnant!

Celebrity kids: Activities they love (cute!)Photo: Premiere/Pablo/Flynetpictures

Violet Affleck: Ballet

6.5-year-old Violet Affleck is a very busy girl. Here she is wearing an adorable bright pink tutu on her way to the ice cream store for a post-ballet-class treat with mom Jennifer Garner (earlier this year).

Violet's dad, Ben Affleck, often takes her to ballet class, too.

Celebrity kids: Activities they love (cute!)Photo: Pablo/Stoianov/Goodwin/FameFlynet


Matilda Ledger: Gymnastics

Michelle Williams and her boyfriend, Jason Segel, were photo'd picking up Michelle's daughter, Matilda Ledger, 6.5, from gymnastics.

Gosh, we love this Hollywood trio!

Celebrity kids: Activities they love (cute!)Photo: FameFlynet Pictures

Sam Sheen: Soccer

Charlie Sheen and his ex-wife Denise Richards are friendly enough now to go to their eight-year-old daughter Sam's soccer games together.

In this photo, the girls are heading home with Mom after the game — baby Eloise in the stroller, Sam in her soccer uniform, and Lola, 7, keeping a good eye on the baby.

Celebrity kids: Activities they love (cute!)Photo: Miguel/FameFlynet Pictures

Deacon Phillippe: Flag football

Adorable Deacon Phillippe, 8.5, is photo'd here enjoying a chocolate donut after a fierce game of flag football back in June. Fun!

Dad, Ryan Phillippe, coached the game, while Deacon's mom, Reese Witherspoon, and his sister, Ava, looked on.

Indeed, they're a very supportive family. Here's Deacon supporting his mom at work.

Celebrity kids: Activities they love (cute!)Photo: Pablo/Stoianov/FameFlynet Pictures


Leni Klum Samuel: Ballet

Like mother, like daughter. Supermodel Heidi Klum treats her lovely daughter Leni, 8, to ballet class.

Since her parents separated, Leni's been spending quality time with both of them.

Celebrity kids: Activities they love (cute!)Photo: Pablo/FameFlynet

Lou Samuel: Ballet

Leni's sister, Lou, who turns three next month, also goes to ballet. We love Lou's little ladybug boots!

Seems like mom, Heidi Klum, is constantly running around with the kids. There's no shortage of pictures of them going to all their activities! Granted she's admitted she has nannies to help her out (as you'll see in the next slide).

Here's a roundup of Heidi's fellow single celebrity moms.

Celebrity kids: Activities they love (cute!)Photo: NAV/FameFlynet

Heidi Klum, Henry, Johan & Leni Samuel: Karate!

Aaaand cue the nannies. All four of Heidi Klum and Seal's kids — Leni, Lou, Henry, 7, and Johan, 5.5 — take karate. Even little Lou! In this photo, you can see two nannies helping Heidi pick the kids up from their karate class. One is carrying Lou, and the other is holding Leni's hand.

There are surprisingly lots of celebrities who have four or more kids. Check 'em out!

Celebrity kids: Activities they love (cute!)Photo: Fame Pictures


Sadie & Sunny Sandler: Gymnastics

Funny guy Adam Sandler's girls, Sadie, 6, and Sunny, 3.5, love their gymnastics class — though, apparently, they wish Dad would put some pants on to pick them up from class!

Here's what Adam tells them they complain about his shorts.

Celebrity kids: Activities they love (cute!)Photo: Martin/Fame Pictures

Harlow Richie: Tap and ballet

This kid is so cute, we can't deal. Harlow Madden, 4, is photo'd here with her mom, Nicole Richie, on their way to a tap or ballet class. Rumour has it she takes both — which is great because she's such a little performer!

Here she is out with dad Joel Madden enjoying a much-deserved treat.

Celebrity kids: Activities they love (cute!)Photo: LRR/Fame Pictures

Liam Flockhart: Flag football

Actress Calista Flockhart's son Liam, 11.5, plays flag football. Here they are on their way to a big match.

Calista adopted Liam back in 2001, before she began dating Harrison Ford (*swoon*). Since then, tons of single celeb women have opted to adopt. Check 'em out here!

Celebrity kids: Activities they love (cute!)Photo: Pablo/FameFlynet Pictures


Violet Affleck: Karate!

Kids' activities can be a great opportunity for parents to steal some time for themselves and friends. In this photo, Violet's all pumped to go to karate class, and mom Jennifer Garner's dressed for lunch with the ladies at Tavern restaurant in Brentwood, California. 

Violet's getting so big! With the arrival of new baby Samuel Affleck, she's now the oldest of three. And would you believe Ben wants more kids?

Celebrity kids: Activities they love (cute!)Photo: Pablo/FameFlynet

Eden & Savannah Mahoney: Gymnastics

I love this photo of Desperate Housewives' Marcia Cross and her 5-year-old twins, Eden and Savannah, going to gymnastics. Looks like Savannah's pretty good on the beam!

Can you believe Marcia Cross is 50? She looks amazing.

See which other celeb moms gave birth over 40!

Celebrity kids: Activities they love (cute!)Photo: Pablo/FameFlynet

Magnus Ferrell: Soccer

Will Ferrell's son, Magnus, 8, loves the soccer! Here they are having a father-son heart-to-heart after the game.

Believe it or not, Will's one of my personal favourite crush-worthy celeb dads. How about you?

Celebrity kids: Activities they love (cute!)Photo: Pablo/FameFlynet


More celebrity kid fun!

Celebrity kids: Activities they love (cute!)Photo: FlynetUK/FameFlynet
This article was originally published on Sep 21, 2012

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