Baby carrier costume: Shark

Be the talk of the deep seas with this frightfully cute shark costume.

Baby carrier costume: Shark

Photo: Roberto Caruso

You’ll need: scissors grey felt stiffened black, white and red felt glue gun 2 large googly eyes fabric elastic tulle in several shades of blue black infant and adult clothing adult swim goggles child swim goggles two empty 2-L pop bottles blue spray paint duct tape cardboard string

For the shark costume To make the head, cut grey felt into a shark head shape (roughly, a rectangle with a rounded top). To make a mouthful of teeth, first cut red felt into a mouth shape, then cut black felt into a similar shape, only 1½ in. smaller all around. Cut white triangles for the chompers. Glue red felt to grey body, black felt to red, and white teeth to black felt. Glue goggly eyes to the sides of the shark head.

For the junior diver Cut straps off a pair of child goggles and use a glue gun to affix the goggles to the front of a hat. Dress your baby all in black.

For the scuba diver Dress all in black and put on a pair of adult goggles. To make oxygen tanks, spray-paint two empty pop bottles blue. Once dry, add strips of duct tape and glue the bottles to a piece of cardboard. Add straps by cutting small holes in cardboard and feeding string through, tying a knot to fasten. Attach shark to front of carrier (see sidebar on the next page) before putting it on. Once it’s on and the baby is inside, wrap the waves around the carrier and tie snugly.

Extra details Make waves by cutting a piece of fabric elastic large enough to fit around the carrier with the baby in it, plus a few inches so you can tie it on. Cut long strips of tulle, and knot them one at a time onto the elastic.

A version of this article appeared in our October 2015 issue with the headline “Double the fun,” p. 90-5.

This article was originally published on Sep 22, 2015

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