Baby carrier costume: Fast food

Would you like fries with that? This mouthwatering getup is simple to make and easily converts from a baby to toddler costume.

You’ll need:
brown infant clothing
tan-coloured fleece
orange, red, green and white felt
glue gun
red and yellow masking tape
white adult polo shirt
white and red foam paper
black marker
red adult baseball hat

For the hamburger costume
Dress your baby in brown clothing.

For the hamburger, fold a large piece of tan-coloured fleece in half. Draw a circle and cut out your “buns.” From the felt, cut four orange triangles (cheese), three red semicircles (tomatoes), five wavy green pieces (lettuce) and approximately 20 small white ovals (sesame seeds). Glue cheese, tomatoes and lettuce to outer edge of the bottom circle. Place other circle on top and glue edges of the two buns together, leaving a 5-in. opening. Fill with stuffing and glue the opening shut. Glue the sesame seeds to the top bun. 

For the fast-food server costume
Add red and yellow masking tape to the sleeve of a white polo shirt. To make your name tag, cut an oval out of white foam paper. Cut a small triangle (or any shape or logo) out of the red foam. Glue shape to one side of the oval. Outline your oval with black marker, and write your name. Put on a red baseball hat. Attach the hamburger to the front of the carrier before putting it on.

Baby carrier costume

Photo: Roberto Caruso

Turn it into a toddler costume
Use fabric elastic to create a halter strap around neck, and then use pins to secure to shirt.

A version of this article appeared in our October 2015 issue with the headline “Double the fun,” p. 90-5.

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