DIY Baby Carrier Costume Idea: Beekeeper

Life is as sweet as honey with this adorbs beekeeper costume that can be altered to work for toddlers, too!

DIY Baby Carrier Costume Idea: Beekeeper

Photo: Roberto Caruso

We're obsessed with this easy-to-make DIY beekeeper baby carrier costume that mostly comes together with supplies you already have on hand. The rest? Well, cheap and easy to source (we included links below).

It's a breeze to make for babies and toddlers of most ages and stages, so be sure to add these items to your newborn checklist if you think your little one will be ready for trick-or-treating come October.

You’ll need


For the bee

For the antennae, cut the pipe cleaner in half and glue a yellow pompom to one end of each piece. Using a glue gun, affix pipe cleaners to the front of the hat. Once the hat is on the baby’s head, add a piece of yellow duct tape to the band of the hat (the tape doesn’t stretch well).

Add horizontal strips of yellow duct tape to the front of a black long-sleeved shirt. Dress your baby in the black shirt, black pants and matching socks.

For the hive

Cut the feet and waists off stockings. Pack each leg with stuffing, making each consecutive leg 2 in. shorter than the last. Tie each leg at both ends. Arrange from smallest to largest and glue onto a piece of felt.


Attach the hive to the carrier before putting it on.

baby carrier costumes Photo: Roberto Caruso

To make for a toddler Create a halter strap around the neck with fabric elastic, and use double-sided tape to secure the hive to the shirt.

This article was originally published on Sep 22, 2015

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