8 best outdoor pools in Toronto

Whether your kids are learning to blow bubbles or practicing their backstroke, we've found the best outdoor pools for you to visit.

8 best outdoor pools in Toronto

Alex duff Memorial Pool. Photo: City of Toronto

1. Alex Duff Memorial Pool Building

Pools galore! Little fish can splash around in the kiddie pool, where there is no daunting deep end. Big fish can spend time in the lap pool, which has a diving board where they can cannonball and belly flop to their heart’s content! Parents with big kids will love this pool because there’s a massive hot tub, so they can sit back and enjoy while their teens swim laps—well, as much as parents can ever relax. This pool is accessibility-friendly.

Go play: 779 Crawford St. W., Toronto 416-392-0910>

8 best outdoor pools in Toronto Blantyre Park Pool: City of Toronto

2. Blantyre Park Outdoor Pool

Not all kids love the water, so this pool is perfect for families who have one little fish and one playground fanatic on their hands. While one kid practises his backstroke, the other can swing, climb and slide on the playground. There’s also a baseball diamond and a horseshoe pit. There are change rooms and drinking fountains available on site.

Go play: 180 Fallingbrook Rd., Toronto 416-392-7915>

8 best outdoor pools in Toronto Greenwood Park Pool. Photo: City of Toronto

3. Greenwood Park Outdoor Pool

Big kids will love doing cannonballs in the big pool, while little minnows can enjoy the shallow pool. Kids will love shaking out their sillies at the awesome splash pad and monkeying around on the playground when they want to take a break from the water. There’s a great spot for picnics, but you’ll need to pack your own lunch. Washrooms are available on site.

Go play: 150 Greenwood Ave., Toronto 416-392-7804> 

8 best outdoor pools in Toronto High Park Pool. Photo: City of Toronto

4. High Park Outdoor Pool


A giant, curvy, bright yellow slide? Yes, please! High Park’s outdoor pool is well known for its giant pool slide (but it’s not always open, so check the site before you go). After zooming down the slide—with adult supervision, of course—your youngsters can practise dunking their heads and blowing bubbles in the kiddie pool. There’s a regular-sized pool for those who prefer a lot of open space to tread water (it’s connected to the awesome slide).

1873 Bloor St. W., Toronto 416-392-7807>

8 best outdoor pools in Toronto Monarch Park Pool. Photo: City of Toronto

5. Monarch Park Outdoor Pool

Cannonball! This pool is full of fun for kids of all ages. Delightfully daring kids will love the two-storey-high waterslides. And little learners have their own wading pool, where they can get used to the water without getting splashed by the big kids.

Go play: 115 Felstead Ave., Toronto 416-392-7831>

8 best outdoor pools in Toronto Smythe Park Pool. Photo: City of Toronto

6. Smythe Park Outdoor Pool

This fun centre has something for every member of your family. For kids who would rather blow bubbles than tread water, the baby and tot pool will provide plenty of fun. For bigger kids who want to swim laps, the regular outdoor pool offers recreational afternoon swim times and evening leisure swims every day. And that's not all: Your tots will definitely want to run through the splash pad. If that doesn’t tire them out, they can check out the playground. Wow, what a day! Who’s ready for bed? Water fountains are available on site.


Go play: 61 Black Creek Blvd., Toronto 416-394-2741>

8 best outdoor pools in Toronto Weston Lions Pool. Photo: City of Toronto

7. Weston Lions Park Outdoor Pool

If your little swimmers want to be lifeguards when they grow up, then this is the pool for you. On weekday mornings, the park offers leadership training and a junior lifeguard club. For those who just want to play in the water, have no fear: There are two pools open for public afternoon and evening swims. 

Go play: 2125 Lawrence Ave. W., Toronto 416-394-2743> 

8 best outdoor pools in Toronto Sunny Gus Rider Outdoor Pool. Photo: City of Toronto

8. Sunnyside Gus Ryder Outdoor Pool

This pool is right on the lake and boasts an amazing waterfront view. It’s the perfect spot to relax in the sun—you know, when you’re not chasing kids around! There are morning swim classes available, followed by public swim times throughout the day (check the website for times). Its location is also perfect if you have a stroller—take a walk along the stroller-friendly lakefront path and enjoy the views with your tuckered tot.

Go play: 1755 Lake Shore Blvd. W., Toronto 416-392-7915>


This article was originally published on Jun 03, 2015

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