5 best photo apps

Selecting the right app can help transform your phone into a high-end camera. Here's a quick roundup of our favourites.

By Todays Parent and Today's Parent
5 best photo apps

5 best photo apps

How to choose?

There are literally thousands of photo-related options for smart phones, so how do you choose the best one to take pics of your kids? We've done some legwork and picked our top five to help you narrow the options.

5 best photo appsPhoto: Dean Mitchell/iStockphoto


One of the most widely used photo-sharing apps, Instagram offers more than a dozen filters to enhance and edit your images. You’ll quickly discover which ones add a vintage feel (like Toaster filter), or those that soften the mood and add a warm glow (like Nashville filter).

Share your shots across social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Get the app here: Instagram

5 best photo appsPhoto: Kristy Woudstra



This award-winning app offers all the photo-sharing and filtering features we’re used to, but with more sophisticated editing enhancements, like tilt-shift, framing and cropping.

Better yet, Snapseed gives you total control over how subtle or intense you want your completed images to be by letting you “layer” your filters.

Get the app here: Snapseed

5 best photo appsPhoto: Snapseed


This fully integrated app is one of the most sophisticated Photoshop-style ones out there.

There are filters and collage tools, as well as writing and drawing options. Its editing features allow you to manually fine tune the colour, contrast and saturation of photos. Share your images via Facebook and Twitter.

Get the app here: Picsart

5 best photo appsPhoto: Picsart


Want to tie your memories together? This app lets you add multiple pictures and create a custom collage.

Choose a layout you like, upload your pictures and shuffle the images around until you find the look you’re going for. Add colourful text before sharing.

Get the app here: Turbocollage

5 best photo appsPhoto: Turbocollage



One of the best apps available, its special features include stabilizers to eliminate blurry shots, a grid feature (no more crooked pics!) and
an LED flash to improve photo quality.

Snap your pictures in Camera+, then transfer to either Instagram or Snapseed to apply filters and share.

Get the app here: Camera+

5 best photo appsPhoto: Camera+

More great apps

5 best photo appsPhoto: Dean Mitchell/iStockphoto
This article was originally published on Feb 20, 2013

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