3 family movies you'll want to see in 2012

Carly lets you know about great movies to look forward to this year

By Carly Deziel
3 family movies you'll want to see in 2012
Happy 2012 to all my fellow movie-going families out there!

From what I can see this year is going to be chock-full of fun — possibly even great — family flicks. I've picked three of my favourite family-friendly trailers at this time to show you what I'm looking forward to seeing in the coming year: (*Note: please click on the films below to check out the trailer)

Chimpanzee (April 2012) 

The story: A captivating documentary from Disney Nature about a 3-year-old chimpanzee who gets separated from his family.

Why I'm excited: The whole family will enjoy this, but it's going to be a definite hit with the wildlife enthusiasts in your house. From the lush, green home of a community of chimpanzees to watching them interact and survive, every moment in this trailer looks beautifully shot. If the trailer alone doesn't move you, then I'd bet you may have a heart of stone.

(June 2012) 

The story: Disney and Pixar's new animated adventure is set in mythical, olden-day Scotland where
a young red-haired princess wants to set herself free from her pre-determined future and become a hero along the way.

Why I'm excited: From this epic-looking trailer it seems this movie is sure to entertain both the girls and boys in the household, and even the parents, with its unique and charming mix of characters, voiced by the likes of Emma Thompson, Billy Connolly and Craig Ferguson.

ParaNorman (August 2012) 

The story: Young, misunderstood Norman has a very strange gift — he's able to see and hear dead people. And when his small town suddenly comes under attack by the undead — zombies, ghosts, and witches — he may just be the only person who can save his neighbours!

Why I'm excited: This is by far one of the best trailers I've seen in months! My fave version of this film's trailers features a ’60s tune by Donovon, called "Season of the Witch." It may look a little dark and scary, but will appeal most to those families who were fans of the 2009 movie, Coraline. Besides having what seems like a great soundtrack, this flick also features a star-stubbed cast of voices, including Leslie Mann, Casey Affleck, and John Goodman. Who's ready for some ghostly monsters and spooky fun? I know I am!

Happy trailer-ing! And here's to a great and entertaining year ahead.

This article was originally published on Jan 09, 2012

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