16 six-ingredients-or-less dinners

These simple and tasty meals will wow your family and save you money.

By Alex Mlynek
16 six-ingredients-or-less dinners

16 six-ingredients-or-less dinners

A few ingredients go a long way

A great recipe doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, sometimes the most delicious meals come together with just a few elements.

Tip: Since each recipe has so few ingredients, it's really worthwhile to buy the best ingredients you can afford, as the quality will really stand out.

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High-Speed Roast Chicken

You don't need a million ingredients to make a fabulous roast chicken, and this recipe proves it.

Get the recipe here: High-Speed Roast Chicken

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Italian Sausage and Potato Bake

OK, OK, there are actually seven ingredients here (if you count the vegetable oil), but this recipe is so tasty we couldn't resist including it. If you don't have vegetable oil on hand, you can always substitute with any neutral cooking oil.

Get the recipe here: Italian Sausage and Potato Bake

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Crispy Crumby Baked Fish

Ready in about 30 minutes, this is a perfect weeknight meal; it feels a bit special, but comes together very easily.

Get the recipe here: Crispy Crumby Baked Fish

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Healthier Refried Beans

Serve these beans as a quick dinner with pita bread and vegetables for dipping, or put together a great big platter of nachos for everyone.

Get the recipe here: Healthier refried beans

16 six-ingredients-or-less dinnersPhoto: Andrew Grinton


Tortilla Pizza

Two guaranteed kid-pleasers are combined in this super-simple recipe. Pair it with a nice salad for a balanced dinner.

Get the recipe here: Tortilla Pizza

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Pasta Risotto with Peas and Pancetta

Did you know pasta could be a one-pot dish? Using orzo instead of rice makes this risotto super quick and easy for a weeknight dinner.

Get the recipe here: Pasta Risotto with Peas and Pancetta

16 six-ingredients-or-less dinnersPhoto: Andrew Grinton

Crunchy Fish Nuggets

You can use frozen cod, salmon, haddock, sole, tilapia or Alaskan pollock to make this speedy dinner.

Get the recipe here: Crunchy Fish Nuggets

16 six-ingredients-or-less dinnersPhoto: cokada/iStockphoto


Easy Peasy Cheesy Quesadillas

These simple quesadillas may be easy to make, but they don't skimp on flavour. Feel free to add any other fillings you think your family may like.

Get the recipe here: Easy Peasy Cheesy Quesadillas

16 six-ingredients-or-less dinnersPhoto: Drmiggy/flickr

Comforting Chicken Congee

Perfect for a cozy night at home or when someone's feeling under the weather, this chicken congee will soothe and nourish the whole family.

Get the recipe here: Comforting Chicken Congee

16 six-ingredients-or-less dinnersPhoto: Andrew Grinton

Rosemary Garlic Grilled Chicken Breasts

This delicious recipe can be made in a grill pan or on your barbeque. It would go really well with our Baked Sweet Potato Fries.

Get the recipe here: Rosemary Garlic Grilled Chicken Breasts

16 six-ingredients-or-less dinnersPhoto: barol16/iStockphoto


Dangerously Easy Fettuccine Alfredo

The sauce for this classic pasta dish can be made ahead of time, just remember to take it out of the fridge 15 minutes before you cook the fettuccine, so it has time to soften up.

Get the recipe here: Dangerously Easy Fettuccine Alfredo

16 six-ingredients-or-less dinnersPhoto: Jamesmcq24/iStockphoto

Chicken and Veggie Packets

This is a fun recipe for kids to help out with. Lay out all all of the ingredients in bowls, and have your little chefs help assemble the packets.

Get the recipe here: Chicken and Veggie Packets

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Zillion Garlic Chicken

Don't worry, you don't need a case of garlic for this recipe, it's actually only made with 40 cloves, which get mellowed out while the chicken cooks.

Get the recipe here: Zillion Garlic Chicken

16 six-ingredients-or-less dinnersPhoto: GMVozd/iStockphoto


Potato and Pepper Hash

Your kids will love eating breakfast for dinner with this simply potato and pepper hash. You could even add some chopped up sausage and still be using less than six ingredients!

Get the recipe here: Potato and Pepper Hash

16 six-ingredients-or-less dinnersPhoto: Andrew Grinton

Sweet Pepper Flatbread Pizza

This is another great dinner for kids to help make. It's ready in no time and can be made with just six ingredients (well, seven if you count the optional walnut pieces).

Get the recipe here: Sweet Pepper Flatbread Pizza

16 six-ingredients-or-less dinners

Crispy Lemon Roast Chicken

The chicken and gravy can be made with six essential ingredients, but we highly recommend you add the zucchini ribbons to your dinner plans. They are so, so simple and tasty.

Get the recipe here: Crispy Lemon Roast Chicken

16 six-ingredients-or-less dinnersPhoto: John Cullen


More easy meal ideas!

16 six-ingredients-or-less dinnersPhoto: Maya Visnyei
This article was originally published on Jan 07, 2013

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