A new holiday tradition

Jack and Talia make Hanukkah latkes for a class festive feast. This year, Tal gets to help in a different way

A big day today. It’s Talia’s annual class festive feast. Each student brings in a favourite dish that their family enjoys during the holidays.
For us — that’s latkes (potato pancakes). And in our house, Jack is the latke guru. It’s a multi-step extravaganza involving endless potato peeling, grating, onion chopping, mixing and frying. Inevitably, the smoke detector shrieks several times during the frying — and poor Jemma Dog cowers under the desk. To end the agony, I stand on a chair and press the cancel button on the smoke detector. That’s MY job. Ahhh yes… tradition!
For the first time, Talia is in charge of potato peeling — normally too challenging a task. Jack found a cool Chef-n peeler with a handle that fits over one finger. At the cooking store it was recommended for those with arthritis or other fine motor difficulties. Happily, it’s a big hit with Tal. 
As I sip coffee this morning, our house has the lingering aroma of onions and fried potatoes. As it will for the next eight days of Hanukkah. Gotta love it.