8 fun summer reads for mom

Here's your mission: Get cozy and grab a fruity drink! Then get lost in one of these summer reads.

8 fun summer reads for mom

Fun summer reads for moms

On My Knees by J. Kenner

If you want my advice, skip Grey (the newest book from the 50 Shades series) and dive into this steamy romance. On My Knees (what a title, eh!) is the second book in the Stark International trilogy. Jackson, like Christian Grey, is one powerful man who just happens to be incredibly good looking. And Sylvia can’t resist him. But they both have dark pasts constantly trying to keep them apart. I would suggest reading this book after the kids have gone to bed.

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Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave

Let’s spend the summer in Sonoma! This juicy tale is about Georgia Ford, whose family owns a gorgeous vineyard (lucky her!). Georgia is about to get married, but unfortunately, a week before the wedding she finds out a shocking secret about her fiancé. As if that wasn’t enough, she returns to the family vineyard hoping to find some solace in her family (and a good glass of Merlot), only to learn her loved ones have been keeping secrets, too. Enjoy a nice glass of wine along with Georgia. 

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Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella

You and your teen can both enjoy this summer read. Sophie Kinsella, of Shopaholic fame, makes her first foray into YA novels, and it’s pretty perfect. This sweet romance stars 14-year-old Audrey, who has trouble coping with anxiety. Her therapist sort of helps, but it’s meeting adorable Linus that makes all the difference. You and your daughter will fall in love with this story.

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Naked: A Novel of Lady Godiva by Eliza Redgold

If you like historical novels with a side of romance, then you need to read Naked. You probably know the tale of Lady Godiva, who bravely rode through the town—without clothes—in protest of an unfair tax. Well, this is Lady G with a twist. In this version, her husband finally falls in love with her. You'll be swooning on the beach! On sale July 14.

8 fun summer reads for momPhoto: St. Martin's Griffin

In the Unlikely Event by Judy Blume

Judy Blume is back! Hallelujah. You can obviously never read Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret enough times, but it’s so exciting to have another Blume to read. Her new adult novel is set in the 1950s, after three plane crashes shock a small New Jersey town. As the townspeople reel from the crashes, the main character Miri, who’s 15, attempts to make sense of her turbulent home life and the even more turbulent world.

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Primates of Park Avenue by Wednesday Martin

Are the elite moms of the Upper East Side just like baboons? That’s what Wednesday Martin wonders in her new hilarious memoir, Primates of Park Avenue. Wednesday marries a man from the Upper East Side and is thrust into the ritziest part of town, full of Birkin bags and wife bonuses! Since this world is so foreign to her, Wednesday uses her background in anthropology and primatology to try and make sense of these women. Be prepared to laugh your butt off as Wednesday tries to fit in to this prestigious and “ass-phobic” world. But also expect to find yourself empathizing with these moms who truly just want what’s best for their kids.

8 fun summer reads for momPhoto: Simon & Schuster

Luckiest Girl Alive by Jessica Knoll

Looking for the next Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train? Look no further than Luckiest Girl Alive—weirdly, all these thrillers have “girl” in the title. Meet Ani, she has an amazing job, a gorgeous fiancé and an enviable wardrobe. But she has a secret. Intrigue! This is a book full of twists that will have you jumping out of your beach chair with shock.

8 fun summer reads for momPhoto: Simon & Schuster

Scorched by Jennifer L. Armentrout

A firefighter with bedroom eyes—need I say more? OK, I will. Andrea and Tanner have a serious love-hate relationship, but lately, they want to kiss each other more than yell at each other. But Tanner knows Andrea’s life is a bit of a mess, and she’s getting close to rock bottom. Can he save her?

8 fun summer reads for momPhoto: Spencer Hill Press
This article was originally published on Jun 25, 2015

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