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7 ways to save money on diapers

As a parent, you know diaper costs can really add up. Keep on budget and save money on diapers with these genius tips.

1. Find a sale Diapers are always on sale somewhere. To find the discounts closest to you, use Flipp, available free from the App Store or Google Play. Enter your postal code and you’ll find digital flyers from retailers in your area. Even better, tap the search icon and type in “diapers,” and you’ll be shown the sales at your local stores.

2. Use coupons They may seem old-fashioned, but coupons can add up to major savings. Diaper brand websites like and offer coupons you can download and print.

3. Pay attention to cost per diaper Divide the price of the package by the number of diapers inside. For example, 115 diapers for $19.99 equals 17¢ per diaper. That’s a good deal—try not to pay more than 15¢ to 20¢ each.

4. Shop Facebook Join a neighbourhood Facebook buy-and-sell group, where parents often sell diapers their kid has outgrown. Don’t let the idea of buying opened diapers creep you out—just look for posts that indicate the box or plastic sleeve is still sealed.

5. Don't buy a small box General rule: The bigger the package or box of diapers, the better the value. Costco, which carries Huggies and house brand Kirkland, sells massive boxes. What’s more, it puts both on sale once in a while.

6. Question your brand loyalty So you’re into Pampers. But how strongly do you feel about that? Store brands are almost always cheaper than name brands, and while some parents complain about their quality, these no-name nappies may work just fine for your baby. It’s worth a shot!


7. Never go up a size until you have to It’s exciting to move up a size—little Ethan is growing up!—but if your kid still fits into his size 3 diapers, stick with them. The larger the diapers, the fewer you get in a package, so stick with the smaller size as long as you can. If your baby’s diaper is leaking overnight, use a larger one at bedtime, but stick with the smaller size during the day. (You can also tackle nighttime leaks by double diapering. If the outer layer is dry in the morning, you can reuse it!)

A version of this article appeared in our March 2016 issue, titled "58 ways to save money on everything," pp. 62-67.


This article was originally published on Mar 05, 2016

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