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5 signs you've become a PokéMom

You thought you downloaded Pokémon GO for your kids, and now find yourself checking your phone endlessly for PokéStops and rare Pokémon? Join the club.

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Pokémon GO has obviously taken the world by storm. What none of us moms expected, though, is that we, too, would become part of the masses of fans playing the game all over the world. If you, like me, downloaded Pokémon GO for your kids* but find yourself endlessly checking the game for rare Pokémon to catch, then you too might just be a PokéMom.

Here are five signs you might be part of the PokéMom club.

1. You've purchased a bigger data plan for your phone Before Pokémon, I almost never went over my smartphone's data plan. Now, I keep using so much extra data that I just bit the bullet and bought a different plan. I’m sure what I save in overage is worth the extra plan add-ons I got, right?

2. You never leave the house without a charger Never mind the data, you need more power! You're a PokéMom if you now never leave the house without your charger, because the app drains your batteries crazy fast. You can't imagine your phone dying in the middle of a battle, or even worse, right when you spot a super-rare Pokémon in your neighbourhood. (The horror!)

3. You finally found a gym you like and you go there three times a day I’ve never been much of a gym Ratatta, but in my neighbourhood, there are at least five PokéGyms in a 2 km radius. I’m going between gyms to build up more XP, win battles and gain experience. (Plus that's way less embarrassing than me trying an actual spin class.)

4. You know the difference between all the Pokémon and don't just call them all "Pikachu" Snorlax and Jigglypuff aren’t the nicknames I’ve given my husband and me. They're two of the many varieties of Pokémon. If you've ever said something along the lines of, "Why can't I find a freakin' Mewtwo!?” and you were met with blank stares, you know you weren't with your people.


5. You've never spent as much time with your kids as you have since the app was released Sure, we went to the park, ran errands and played in the backyard before Pokémon, but now, we spend extra time on our walks to and from camp, we take the dog on extra-long walks and talk a lot about Pokémon and what we’ve been collecting at PokéStops along the way. It may seem like a no-brainer, but Pokémon GO is bringing me and my kids a lot of fun times together. #proudpokémom

*This is what I’m telling people.

This article was originally published on Aug 03, 2016

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