10 signs you're probably done having kids

Not sure if your family's complete yet? Here are 10 telltale signs you're probably done having kids.

By Ashley Bennion
10 signs you're probably done having kids

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Having kids is the BEST. But, truth time, it can feel like hard work all the time sometimes, and every family has its limit. So, whether you have one or seven kids, here are the telltale signs you’re so done having kids.

1. Your car's telling you you're done If all the car seats, booster seats, hockey equipment and attitude means your car physically expands every time you try to shut its creaky, angry doors, you’re probably done having kids.

2. You're sweating at the mere hint of it If the thought of even hinting to your partner that you want to add another baby to the brood instills the sweats and more fear than that time you nearly lost your Beverly Hills 90210 box-set, you’re probably done having kids.

3. You're kind of overdoing the birth control If you find yourselves using three forms of birth control—on top of abstinence—you’re probably done having kids.

4. You have zero patience If you wax philosophical on why "razor" gets the honorary thinness medal, when really, it’s your patience, you’re probably done having kids.

5. Cookieeeeeeees! If you see a family with one more kid than you at a grocery store and stare open-mouthed as all their kids scream "COOKIEEEEEEESSSSSS!" and you spend the rest of the day muttering we've made the right decision under your breath, you’re probably done having kids.

6. The kid food is making you kid crazy If your home will literally explode if you add just one more single Cheerio to the mix, you’re probably done having kids.

7. Weeee! No more baby stuff If you get rid of baby equipment, toddler toys and kid clothes with more fervor and joy than your kids on Christmas morning, you’re probably done having kids.


8. You just…don't care anymore If you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror with a sweatshirt on backwards, finger paint on one sleeve and snot on the other, and you just shrug, hang your head and keep heading to the restaurant, you’re probably done having kids.

9. Your body's been taxed to the max If your delivering birth weight was well into the double digits — either as a combination of multiples or just one really reeeally large baby — you’re probably done having kids.

10. You just couldn't wait to close up shop If you rushed out for that vasectomy or tubal ligation as if they were about to be made illegal—come to think of it, just four days after baby was born may have been a bit too soon—well, you’re definitely done having kids.

This article was originally published on Jan 02, 2018

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