You've got to see this dad's genius hack to stop backseat battles

"I love sitting next to my sister," said no sibling ever.

Stay-at-home dad Jake White's genius invention solves one of the biggest parenting challenges that comes with having more than one kid: sibling squabbles in the backseat of the car.

He and his wife, Jen have two-year-old triplets—Jude, Stella and Xavier—and as you can imagine, they don't always get along. Picture the terrible twos with one kid; now triple that level of horror.

The triplets were constantly fighting over snacks in the backseat of the car—stealing each other's treats, then screeching and screaming about it. So Jake came up with an awesome parenting hack to solve the problem: He made dividers out of foam core to separate the toddlers. The installation only took five minutes. With a background in arts as a sculptor, it's no wonder he managed to come up with such a creative solution.

And his awesome idea was a huge success. Once the kids could no longer see each other, driving around was basically the equivalent of a spa day for any parent who's sick of hearing "He's breathing my air!" and "She's touching me!"

While we're not entirely sure how safe this invention is—car safety experts are highly unlikely to endorse it, and we don't recommend you actually try it—it's pretty hilarious.

This article was originally published on Oct 06, 2016

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