You have to watch this baby being born in his amniotic sac

This rare phenomenon only occurs once in every 80,000 births.

Have you ever seen a baby in its amniotic sac? Usually, the bag of clear fluid that surrounds a baby during pregnancy breaks before the birth, but in this rare delivery, the sac was still intact. Apparently this rare phenomenon only occurs once in every 80,000 births. Lucky for us it was caught on video and shared on the Assessoria Mamãe – Instituto maternity clinic’s Facebook page. The video has been viewed more than five million times.

If you’re too scared (or a bit grossed out) to watch for yourself,  don’t worry. The birth is actually quite awesome and kind of beautiful. It’s like looking at a large transparent egg with a baby curled up inside. And he’s completely safe too in that tiny space because he’s still getting enough oxygen from the umbilical cord. You can even see him moving around a bit. It’s pretty cute.

Welcome to the world little guy. You’ve only just started your life and you’ve already wowed the internet!

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