Worst baby shower card ever (but also kind of awesome)

Welcome to parenthood, ladies & gents. This hilarious card shows parents-to-be just how obnoxious a crying baby can be.


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Picture this: You’re at a friend’s baby shower, and everyone’s ooh-ing and aah-ing as the glowing mom-to-be unwraps adorable little booties and soft, cuddly blankets. It’s a room full of love, as everyone sends the future mama good wishes for an easy, happy baby.

And then, the next card gets opened up. It looks like a sweet, sentimental card that plays a little song when you press the musical note button. But it’s not (muhahahahaha). Instead, a wailing, ear-piercing cry shrieks out of the card and continues for over THREE. WHOLE. HOURS.

Try closing the card. Try pressing the button again (this’ll actually make it cry louder!). Try RIPPING IT TO PIECES. It’ll still keep on crying. Welcome to parenthood, ladies & gents. Sometimes babies JUST DON’T STOP CRYING.



This brilliant/cruel prank card was dreamed up by the evil masterminds at Joker Greeting, and we love how it teaches parents-to-be about the harsh reality of having a baby. Sure, they’re cute and cuddly, but sometimes they just won’t shut up and there ain’t nothin’ you can do about it.

Want to haunt the parents-to-be in your life? You can order the card through Joker Greeting’s site for $10.99. We think the pure terror on your pregnant friend’s face will make every penny worth it.

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