Whoa—the amazing invention Lego is making for kids with disabilities

Lego has just helped build the coolest invention!

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A prosthetic complete with a mini spaceship ready to blast off? Yep, that's possible—thanks to Lego!

Colombian designer Carlos Arturo Torres has built a prosthetic arm that you can customize with your favourite Lego creations—add a spaceship, a claw, or anything else your heart desires! Cool, right?

The prosthetic attachment, Iko, doesn't just let you attach a Lego piece—you can also move it! That's right, your Lego can swirl, grab and speak.

After your child is done playing in made-up lands they can dock their prosthetic attachment to charge. No batteries necessary. But an imagination is required!

Torres told Wired magazine that he wanted to make it easier for kids with disabilities to make friends. With a motorized prosthetic that can spin, light up and blast off, everyone is bound to gravitate towards whoever is wearing this super-cool innovation.

According to Wired, the new Iko prosthetic should be in full-scale production by 2017.


Way to go, Torres—and way to go, Lego!

This article was originally published on Aug 01, 2015

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