Which parent do you love more? Kids reveal their answers!

You only have one life preserver, who gets it? Mom or Dad? These kids hilariously pick a parent.

By Ashley Metzger

Photo: YouTube Photo: YouTube

A new study says that three out of four kids would rather spend time with their moms. So, of course, Jimmy Kimmel had to take to the streets and ask kids which parent they love more: Mom or Dad.

Tough choice? Not for these kids. The responses were heartwarming, heartbreaking and hilarious.

Poor Dad! The kids usually pick Mom. Or Spiderman. Apparently, a child’s love for Spiderman is unconditional—just ask the cute boy at 1:55. I mean, having a superhero for a dad would be pretty cool.

The best part is how well all the dads take the news. I guess hearing your daughter say she’d rather a zombie eat you than her mom isn’t all that bad—it’s not like zombies are real.

This article was originally published on Jun 10, 2015