When Frozen's Princess Anna met Dory...

Our favourite brave princess and forgetful fish were put face-to-face and the result was adorable.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if two of your favourite Disney characters met in real life?

Well, Frozen and Finding Nemo/Dory fans don’t have to because it already happened in the cutest way possible on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In an unexpected skit, Ellen pulled out two cardboard cutouts of both Dory and Princess Anna, handing one to her guest, Kristen Bell aka Princess Anna. After sticking their faces in the cutouts, the two put on their iconic characters’ voices and began to get acquainted for the first time.

It was a classic story of princess and the fish: Anna’s bubbly personality went up against Dory’s forgetfulness and the result was absolutely hilarious. It wasn’t exactly like a Disney-Pixar movie scene (none of their clever writers were behind this) but this impromptu skit was indeed charming and unforgettable! Although, Dory probably won’t remember that this encounter happened at all.

This skit comes after Ellen’s—ahem, I mean, Dory’s—encounter with Toy Story‘s Woody (Tom Hanks) where they made the audience close their eyes as they had a “Pixar-off.”

We can’t wait to see who Dory will meet next! Personally, I hope it’s Mike Wazowski (Billy Crystal) from Monster’s Inc.

Who would you like to see Ellen have a Pixar-off with?

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