What's the nicest thing someone did for you while you were breastfeeding?

We asked moms to share their breast stories about the kindness of strangers.

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Too many moms are unfairly shamed for breastfeeding their little ones in public. So we were delighted to see Luisa Briar McQueen's post about going out for breakfast with her eight-week-old son, Jaxon.

When Luisa's meal arrived, Jaxon started getting fussy—apparently he wanted to chow down as well. So she left her own food untouched and started breastfeeding her son. A few minutes later, an older lady approached, and Luisa assumed she was about to be shamed for nursing in a restaurant. Instead, the sweet stranger started cutting up Luisa's food into bite-size pieces so she could eat with her one free hand before her breakfast got cold.

Talk about spreading the love! We wanted to hear more feel-good stories about how strangers support nursing moms, so we asked our readers to tell us about the nicest thing someone did for them while they were breastfeeding. Here are the responses:

"I was on the train feeding my son (he was about 14 months) and he refused to be covered. A lady sat with me and told me how great it was that I was still nursing." —Michelle Webb

"My husband fed me my meals while I cluster-fed our difficult-to-latch newborn.
" —Andrea Kerr

"I breastfed a fussy baby on a crowded subway train five years ago. The whole car was nodding and supportive." —Nancy Johnson Horn


"The host announced that I breastfed and if anyone had a problem with it, they could leave now." —Robin Vickery

"They said nothing, like it was totally normal. 'Cause it is." —Guinevere Orvis

"At the mall, I was sitting in a corner of the food court breastfeeding and a lady brought over a bottle of water for me.

" —Ashley M.

"I was breastfeeding during church, and at the end of the mass, two ladies approached me and told me I was a good mom, and to keep it up. For a new mother at that time, it meant a lot to me." —Victoria Distrito

Have you ever experienced a kind act or received a nice comment while you were breastfeeding? Tell us about it. And click here for more tips on how to feel completely comfortable nursing your baby in public. 


This article was originally published on Jun 03, 2016

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