What the heck is that thing: Kids react to a VCR

What happens when you show a bunch of kids a VCR? They say the funniest things. Watch these kids react to a VCR.

kids-react-to-vcr Photo: Kids React

"You put in your tape and then it will play music, right?"

Ummm, not quite. In a hilarious new video from the REACT channel, a bunch of kids try to figure out what a VCR does. Guesses range from a "projection thing" to a radio.

When the kids finally discover what a VCR is, they're at a loss of how to use it. How do you turn it on? Why is the clock wrong? And which way does the tape go in?

One priceless moment is when the adults try to explain that the tape is called a VHS. To which one girl responds. "You're just telling me words I do not know." So adorably funny.

The kids were not impressed with the picture quality of a VHS. "It's not good," one kid quips. And they were horrified that the video quality deteriorated the more you watched the tape. Here are a few dramatic reactions.

"That is just cold."


"I think that's so bad, and I'm just going to barf."

"No, why would you want that?" Good point, kid!

So would these kids use a VCR?

"I wouldn't even watch anything, the only thing I would do is do my homework." Maybe we should bring back the VCR, then!

This article was originally published on Mar 17, 2015

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