What the bleat!? It's a goat—dressed as Frozen's Elsa

Let it Goooooat! This video featuring a goat dressed as Elsa from Frozen is guaranteed to banish any billy-goat-gruffness you might be feeling.

Oh, Frozen, there’s just no end to the hilarity you’ve inspired in video form. We all smiled (and, OK, winced a bit) while watching those cute sisters, um, passionately shout-sing “Let it Go.” Then there was the principal who created a brilliant Frozen parody song to announce a snow day. And now this: A video of a goat in an Elsa dress and wig. We kid you not. (Couldn’t resist.)

At a mere 18 seconds, it’s short and silly, but we guarantee a fit of giggles. Or bleats. Whatever.

Watch here:

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