What really happens during newborn photo shoots

Now that's a photo for the baby book!

Photo: Abbie Rogers Photo: Abbie Rogers

When you have your new precious bundle of joy, you inevitably want to capture how tiny and sweet and squishy they are. So you book a newborn shoot.

But a little warning to new parents: Once that diaper comes off, there will be pee!

Photographer Abbie Rogers shared this amazing shot on her Facebook page of the exact moment when this babe sprung a leak. At least it was just pee!

Abbie told the Daily Mail Australia that accidents usually happen during every newborn photo shoot, but she normally doesn't capture the moment.

"I had stepped down because he had started squirming and as soon as I did it happened so I snapped one quick image," Abbie says. "When you have little boys this happens a lot and this was the couple's third boy so it wasn't really a shock. We all had quite a good laugh."

We're having a good laugh too—look at the dad's face!

This article was originally published on Mar 28, 2016

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