What does gay mean? New video series answers kids' LGBTQ+ questions

Queer Kid Stuff aims to explain hard topics in a kid-friendly way.

Explaining complicated subject matter to young tots is tricky, but one vlogger is on a mission to change that and make things, well, not complicated.

Lindsay Amer created a new webseries called Queer Kid Stuff to explain LGBTQ+ topics to young audiences in a kid-friendly way. The video series, which launched in April, aims to “eliminate stigma by properly educating future generations through entertaining video content.” Along with her buddy Teddy, Lindsay will be covering topics such as non-binary genders and trans* identities, marriage equality, feminism, and queer themes in children’s pop culture.

In the first episode of Queer Kid Stuff, Lindsay answers the question “what does gay mean?” And her answer is simple: Gay means love. It’s when a boy loves a boy, or a girl loves a girl. Or even when a teddy loves a teddy, she says to her stuffed companion. She draws out what different families live like, explaining that families can have two dads, two moms, one mom, one dad or even two dads and two moms as part of one family.

Though there is only one episode so far, we already love this series. The first season, which includes 10 episodes along with accompanying worksheets, will premiere in Fall 2016.


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