We're loving Raffi's new album, Owl Singalong!

The follow-up record to Raffi's Love Bug is full of fun songs that the whole family will be singing along to!

Photo: Rounder Records

Photo: Rounder Records

Beloved kiddie troubadour Raffi is back with his new album Owl SingalongYour kids can bop along to violins and ukuleles in “See the Moon” or be intrigued by the spoken word in “Abiyoyo.” They might even learn a couple of Spanish words by listening to “Somos el Barco,” or some French from “Dans la Fôret Lointaine.”

The 16-song record was inspired by the owl noises Raffi would hear outside his home on Salt Spring Island and by his grand-niece’s love for her stuffed owl toy.


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