#WelcometoCanada: Kids welcome their new Syrian friends with open arms

These little Canadians can't wait to meet their new Syrian friends.

#WelcometoCanada: Kids welcome their new Syrian friends with open arms

World Vision Canada prepared for the arrival of Syrian refugees by creating a collection of warm wishes and welcome messages from Canadian kids who are delighted to be opening their country to Syrian children.

These adorable kids had lots to tell their news friends about why Canada rocks.

"There's food, there's toys, there's clothing, there's everything."

"There's no war. You can go to school safely."

And of course, one little girl excitedly included: "We love Timbits!"

These kids can't wait to meet their new friends and hope to see them in school. It's so wonderful when a country comes together for the greater good. Here's hoping these loving and accepting little Canadians become future politicians.

If you want to share your welcome message to Syrian refugees use the hashtag #WelcometoCanada.

This article was originally published on Dec 11, 2015

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