Watch Tyson Jost's proud grandfather get emotional at the NHL Draft

No, you're weeping while watching this heart-melting video.


Photo: NHL via Twitter

The NHL draft was on Friday and while Leafs fans were freaking out over Auston Matthews, we were crying over this sweet moment.

Tyson Jost from St. Albert, Alberta was drafted tenth overall (!!) to the Colorado Avalanche and his grandfather’s face as his name was called is probably the sweetest thing ever.

His emotion was an explosion of pride and joy, because Jost’s grandparents played a big role in his success. Jost and his sister were raised by a hardworking single mom. In order to achieve his hockey dream, Jost would need to attend the Pursuit of Excellence school in Kelowna, B.C. But his mom couldn’t pick up and leave Alberta, so his grandparents stepped in. They put their retirement on hold and moved to Kelowna to be his caregivers while he was at school.  The tears on the grandad’s face represent all the hard work and sacrifice the whole family has made to get Jost to this point. And Jost is playing it cool, but you can tell his heart is swelling, too.

Watch the touching video below and grab a tissue. There’s definitely something in our eyes.

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