Watch this 7-week-old baby say hello to mom!

Who's ready for some baby babble? Watch this teeny tiny tot say hi to his mama!

Prepare for a cuteness overload! As reported by the Daily Mail, when mom Toni McCann was saying “hello” to her seven-week-old son, Cillian, and trying to get him to respond, to her (and our) utter amazement, he actually replied! And it wasn’t with gurgling or cooing or higgledy-piggledy goo-goo gaga, but with a wee “allo” (hey, H’s are hard, people).

OK, OK, we know babies typically begin having “conversations” (albeit in baby babble) at 2½ to 4 months, but they are learning about language long before that. And it sure is fun to watch this newborn make his wee baby sounds.

Watch this little munchkin marvel his mom here:

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