Watch these little soccer players console the losing team

You got this, bro.

This adorable video shows true sportsmanship at its finest. We could all learn something from the Barcelona Under 12 soccer team.

At the Junior World Challenge in Japan, Barcelona won the game 1-0 against Japan and the players enthusiastically celebrate the way most kids would: jumping up and down in a circle.

Japan's team is visibly torn up—the poor little guys are in tears, sobbing and wiping their heartbroken faces with their jerseys. Like the old saying goes, you win some, you lose some. But that concept's a little easier to grasp when you're an adult; when you're a kid, a huge loss can be devastating.

Thankfully, the boys from Barcelona prove that in the game of life, compassion always wins. They immediately start cheering up their broken-hearted rivals with hugs, encouraging pats on the back and mini pep-talks. We can almost hear their barely pubescent squeaky little voices saying, "You got this, bro, you did good."

With that kind of encouragement, we can get through anything. Back-to-school stress? A long Wednesday when Friday seems so far away? A toddler who just won't stop crying? You got this, bro!

This article was originally published on Aug 31, 2016

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