Watch Stranger Things' Eleven kill this Nicki Minaj verse

The kids from Stranger Things play a game of Stranger Strings with Jimmy Fallon, and it's hilarious.

Photo: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

We know that you’re all binge-watching Stranger Things once you put the kids down to sleep. We’re totally obsessed too.

Aside from telekinesis and her intense thousand-yard stare, Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) has another super power up her sleeve. Jimmy Fallon hosted the kid stars on The Tonight Show for a round of Stranger Strings, a guess-who-said-it game involving silly string. One of the cards read: “I can perfectly rap Nicki Minaj’s verse from ‘Monster,'” and everyone points to Brown.

This girl doesn’t miss a beat in her epic break down.

How cool is she?! Turns out Eleven has a lot more to say than we thought. This kid has mad skills, both on and off screen.

Now excuse us while we patiently wait for season two.

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