Video sheds scary light on the dangers of unanchored furniture

This video serves as an important reminder to parents to anchor all heavy furniture in your home.

Last week, a third child died after an unanchored IKEA dresser fell on him. This video by The Consumer Product Safety Commission simulates just how easily—and quickly—a kid’s natural curiosity can turn deadly. Subbing a child for a dummy, the video shows that it doesn’t take a lot of weight to tip over a hulking piece of furniture. It’s incredibly difficult to watch.

The best way to prevent an accident is to take safety measures, these include anchoring tall or heavy furniture like dressers, entertainment units or bookcases securely to the wall. IKEA is offering free kits to anyone who buys a chest of drawers or who bought an IKEA Malm chest, which was recalled last year. Be sure to keep televisions far back on an anchored piece of furniture or securely fasten your flatscreen onto the wall.

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