Video: Little girl doesn't want baby brother to grow up

In the latest viral video to make the rounds, one little girl struggles to cope with the truth that her cute baby brother will one day grow up.

As I stumbled across this video today, I was compelled to share it with my Today’s Parent colleagues. It was such a viral hit that it would simply be irresponsible of me as a lover-of-all-things-adorable not to share it with you. The frustration of being unable to preserve the squishy cuteness of youth that this little girl displays is something we can all relate to. Why can’t puppies, kittens, bunnies, and all other miniature versions of animals stay teensy? Why can’t the skin around our eyes maintain the suppleness of our early years? And why, for Pete’s sake, can’t babies stay babies for all of posterity?! As this distraught preschooler grapples with the impending reality of maturation, I suggest you snap one more picture of your little one—they won’t be this precious forever!

Emily Piccinin is an Assistant Editor at Today’s Parent. She enjoys reading books and watching movies just as much as she enjoys writing about them. Read more of her articles here and follow her on Twitter @empeachyy.

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