Video: Five-year-old surprises deaf parents at Christmas concert

This video of five-year-old Claire Koch at her Christmas concert will melt your heart.

‘Tis the season of school Christmas concerts, a favourite time of year for parents who get to watch their wee ones sing along to holiday classics like “Frosty the Snowman.” These events are usually heavy on the emotion (ie: 30 kids shouting out the words to “Jingle Bell Rock” while some adorable kid just stares off into space sending parents into hysterics), but this video of five-year-old Claire Koch is a real tearjerker as far as holiday concerts go.

According to Buzzfeed (who’ve also put together some cute GIFs of the action), Claire’s parents are deaf so instead of using the rehearsed hand motions like the rest of the kindergarteners, she surprised her folks by doing American Sign Language to communicate songs so they wouldn’t feel left out.

Watch this sweet little girl do an outstanding ASL rendition of “Santa is His Name-O.”

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