Yea or nay: Ben Affleck's salt-n-peppa shaggy scruffy 'do

By HaleyO

Yesterday, we weighed in on Matt Damon's new 'do. Today we're looking at new-dad-to-be Ben Affleck and his very brushed, salt-in-peppa new 'do -- also for a movie. What do you think, Gorgeouses? YEA or NAY?

Also, if you're wondering where I've been all day...... I've been running around doing a whole bunch of TIFF stuff, INCLUDING driving a friend of mine nuts trying to get on the red carpet to see my boyfriend CLIVE OWEN at his TIFF premiere tomorrow. Can you believe! And she's making it happen! And on my birthday!

GORGEOUSES! I am going to see my number-ONE celebrity boyfriend tomorrow. MY BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday to ME! And you -- because I will take pictures!

Also tomorrow night, I'm excited to share that I'll be on the red carpet at Hello! Canada Magazine's TIFF party. So I'll be bringing back good scoop from that. It'll be my first official red carpet, so wish me luck! (Clive's red carpet is more for gawking than working, FYI....)

Tonight I'll load up some photos of this morning's ONEXONE pancake event with Flare's Lisa Tant and Chef David Rocco, and Olivia from Y&R....  Hee, someone asked me if I was Chef Rocco's wife -- which I loved because he's quite a hottie!


xo Haley-O

Photo: Fame Pictures

This article was originally published on Sep 09, 2011

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