Yea or Nay?: Ben Affleck's new 'do....

By HaleyO
Yea or Nay?: Ben Affleck's new 'do....

I noticed it in the pictures the other day, but I thought it was just the wind.... But, no! Ben Affleck has a new 'do! Are you ready, Gorgeouses? Lisa van de Geyn, are YOU ready? (Lisa loves her some Ben Affleck....) Checkit!

Hmm.... I just don't know what to make of it. What do you think, Gorgeouses? YEA or NAY?


Also! Check me out on ETALK TV tomorrow night (Tuesday), CTV, 7pm EST. Eep, I hope I don't twitch or say something BONKERS! I'm talking about celeb secrets of post-baby weight loss. Fun!

Also! Check out our Celebrity Candy on's list 20 Mom blogs we love! Woohoo! I couldn't do it without you, Gorgeouses....


xo Haley-O

Photo: Fame Pictures

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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