Wow! Kingston Rossdale, most stylish boy in Hollywood

It's official. He's #1. Kingston Rossdale is the most stylish boy — possibly the most stylish PERSON — in Hollywood

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Before I get into this post, I should probably tell you — just to make myself that much more credible — that I’m listening to Justin Bieber’s new “Drummer Boy” song. And you should too, right away, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, and share it with your kids because it is so. much. fun! Oh gosh. It’s so good. Busta Rhymes…. Oh yeah! CHECKIT, and then come back and check out Kingston Rossdale’s latest getup.

Never mind how awesome (as usual) mom Gwen Stefani (42) looks in her leopard-print sweater and fabulous knee-high boots. Little Mr. Rossdale (5) is dressed to impress, like, beyond…!

You’d think they were going to a fashion show — or, indeed, to walk the runway! — but, no. They were just going to Grandma and Grandpa’s house (in Los Feliz, California). Check out Kingston’s adorable plaid pants, the red blazer, the black VEST underneath, and those BOOTS. He’s just screaming DAPPER.

He’s like a little knight, or something. Sir Rossdale’s got a ring to it, no? Either that, or he’s a little horseback rider. Perhaps à la Ian Millar. LOVE!

xo Haley-O

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