Wild celeb birth story: Nick Hexum delivers own baby

By HaleyO
Wild celeb birth story: Nick Hexum delivers own baby

You won't believe this story, Gorgeouses. It's WILD. It's one of those crazy birth stories that you think might be urban legend but IT'S NOT. The frontman for the band 311, Nick Hexum, delivered quite the performance when his wife Nikki unexpectedly went into labour with their second child.

They had planned on having a homebirth, guided by a seasoned midwife. But, noooo. He did it himself. Nick Hexum singlehandedly delivered his own daughter, Maxine Vita, on May 1st.

And Baby Maxine wasn't an easy baby to deliver, either! She got stuck in the birth canal, as Nick explains to People:
After Max’s head popped out, the delivery stalled for the next couple of contractions. The baby’s head was blue and the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck.... I was worried the cord was choking her, keeping blood from getting to her brain.
Can you imagine...?

Luckily, Nick says he remembered what happened with their first daughter Echo's birth, just 21 months earlier, and he was able to usher the baby out:
I knew from observing and listening the first time around that sometimes the baby’s shoulder would get caught and they would have to reach in there and break its collar bone to free her.... I reached my fingers in there and felt the shoulders and rotated the baby back and forth.

After that, he says, Maxine “slid out smoothly,” but she wasn't moving. “I jiggled her around until I heard a ‘wahhh!’ It was an amazing moment."


10 minutes after Maxine let out her first cries, the midwife arrived to cut the umbilical chord, and "everything was fine," Nick told the mag. "We never went to the hospital. We just sat in bed laughing and crying tears of joy about what a crazy experience it was.”


Congratulations to Nick and Nikki! Hey, they (I just noticed) they have the same name! Cewt!

Nick's band 311 are set to release their 10th studio album, Universal Pulse July 19th. Any 311 fans out there? He seems pret-ty awesome!

Check out the original People article for sweet pics of Nick and Maxine!

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Sep 18, 2011

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