Why Justin Bieber never believed in Santa

Justin Bieber tells the world he never believed in Santa. But his Christmas songs are awesome

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As I’ve mentioned before…, I love Justin Bieber’s new Christmas CD. I even contemplated buying it, but I’m Jewish, and my kids are bummed enough that they don’t get Santa, let alone a Bieber Christmas….

So I settled on one song.

I did.

I bought Justin Bieber’s “Drummer Boy,” featuring Busta Rhymes, and it. is. AWESOME. Try listening to it without at least tapping your foot or, come on, all-out chair bopping! I dare you….

Ohhh, just checkit!

I know, *YAWN,* right? So booooring. Haha! Kidding! It’s *AWESOME,* right!


So the scoop is that the 17-year-old pop sensation told AOL Music that he’s never believed in Santa Claus.

“My mom always told me there wasn’t a Santa,” Justin said. “This was her logic: She thought if I grew up knowing about Santa then finding out he wasn’t real, that it would be like she was lying to me. And then when she told me about God, I maybe wouldn’t believe her.”

We’ve talked about about this very thing over at Sandra’s blog. What do you think of Bieber’s mom’s logic? I can’t chime in because no one believes in Hanukkah Harry. NO ONE. And, sighhh, it’s just not the same!

For more on Bieber and his mom’s “straight-up and honest” Santa teachings, and more, check the exclusive AOL interview!


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