What Santa's bringing for Jessica Alba's little girl

Honor Warren's getting a massive pink present for Christmas this year

By Haley Overland
What Santa's bringing for Jessica Alba's little girl

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Wow! Look what's sliding down 3-year-old Honor Warren's chimney this Christmas!

It's a ginormous Barbie "power wheels" mustang! Her mom, Jessica Alba, was photo'd squeezing it into the back of her car, along with several other bags of toys for Honor and her 4.5-month-old baby sister, Haven, earlier today. Well, she had some help from the peeps at Toys 'R Us, of course. But, wow, that thing is big! Honor's gonna love it!

My own daughter's not into Barbie at all. She got a couple of Barbies from relatives this Hanukkah, and they're all amazingly still sitting on the floor in their unopened boxes. She prefers playing with odd little figurines.... But I'm pretty sure she'd love to have a pink car of her very own. My son would probably fight her for it, though!

Do your kids enjoy Barbie? Do you think they'd love a car like that?

xo Haley-O

This article was originally published on Dec 22, 2011

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