Whaaaaat?! This toddler locked his mom out of her iPhone for 47 years

Your kid has probably locked you out of your phone for two minutes, maybe even five. But this mom got locked out for 25,114,984 minutes. HOW is this possible?

Let’s face it, our kids know how to use our phones better than we do. From taking selfies, to playing games, to surfing the safari—they are just tech geniuses. But, no matter how savvy they may be, they can’t unlock a phone without the correct password. Sadly, a mother from China knows just what we are talking about.

She gave her two-year-old son her iPhone so he could watch educational videos, and like all kids, he played with the phone and pressed all the fun buttons. The mom was horrified to discover that her phone read, “iPhone is disabled, try again in 25,114,984 minutes.” WHAT?

Graphic that says 47 years later.

Graphic: Adriana Parente

When a password is entered incorrectly, Apple’s security system locks the phone in increasing increments of time, starting with a small amount and then quickly growing with each wrong password. We all know it’s pretty annoying when you incorrectly type your own iPhone password and accidentally lock yourself out for a few minutes, but for several decades, I don’t think so. How many times did this kid incorrectly enter the code?

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The mother went to Apple, but they were unable to disable her phone without her losing everything she had on it. So the poor mom has been locked out of her phone since January—obviously because it hasn’t been 47 years yet. She has a few options for what she can do next: wipe everything off her original iPhone, keep her phone (for her grandchildren maybe?) or buy a new one.

Let this story be a cautionary tale for you: Before handing over your iPhone to you kid, make sure it is backed up. That should save you 47 years of aggravation if you get locked out.

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