We love this Babies "R" Us Canada ad featuring a queer couple

Babies "R" Us Canada has come out in support of diverse families with an ad for their baby registry app featuring a same-sex couple.

We love this Babies "R" Us Canada ad featuring a queer couple

Photo: Babies "R" Us Canada

Babies "R" Us Canada is showing support for LGBTQ families in a new advertisement promoting their baby registry app.

The ad, posted to their Facebook page, features a same-sex couple cuddling with their newborn baby. Since it went up midday on July 29, the company page has been flooded with positive comments (including more rainbow flag and heart emojis than you can count) from commenters who love that they get to see themselves and their families reflected in the brand:

"It's always nice to see a family like my future wife and I will have in an ad," wrote Rochelle Truscott. "It's nice to know you aren't alone."

"Well done Babies "R" Us Canada!" cheered Nicki Bates-Kent.

"The fact that there's one nasty comment at the top of this post... followed by nothing but love and heartwarming messages gives me such hope for the future that my daughters will be living in," said Leanne Steel.

The post has already had close to 900 likes, at the time of writing. Here at Today's Parent, we salute Babies "R" Us Canada for celebrating the modern family in its myriad forms.

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